Our Story

Vita Nuova is born from the idea that true beauty comes from within. Our treatments have been crafted for optimum skin results, while simultaneously nurturing all your senses; providing you with a blissful sensation for your skin, a tranquil escape for your mind, and replenishment for your soul.

Our belief is that from tranquility comes true beauty

Everyone yearns for beautiful skin. However, true beauty comes from within when the mind, body and soul are in perfect harmony.

It is then that your inner beauty can shine through.

In 2021 I began working at one of Kiama’s most recognised beauty salons. It was here that I discovered my passion for a more intuitive focused beauty treatment. I began to understand that my clients were coming to me for so much more than just skincare. Although they were achieving incredible skin results it was the touch, the massage and the overall feeling of restoration that captivated them.

The desire to nurture others in a more fulfilling setting became the focal point steering my business vision. To do this I knew I needed to unite traditional beauty practices with my new love of centuries old holistic rituals. This journey guided me to the beautiful benefits of Reiki.

It was during one of my Reiki Attunements that my Reiki master shared the belief that “everything in life is energy”. My master said “you realise this is why your clients felt so revitalised after their salon beauty treatments”. I had inadvertently been sharing my healing energy through my everyday beauty treatments! This was the watershed moment.

I then needed to fuse my vision with a business name. It was important that this name reflected both my spiritual and physical journey. It needed to be personally symbolic, inspire others and reflect the ethos behind my vision.

From here, "Vita Nuova" was born, which is Latin for "New Life".

vi. ta nuo. va, pronounced vi~ta no~va

My treatments have been intentionally crafted to deliver a truly unique experience; encompassing intuitive massage for the body, Reiki touch therapy and meditative soundscapes to nourish the mind and soul, all combined with traditional beauty practices.

I feel truly blessed to share “Vita Nuova” from my hometown, Gerringong.

Love and Light,


We invite you to experience what is truly unique at Vita Nuova Gerringing.


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